I would like to reserve this area to post prayers for those who are praying for the unborn and to lift each other up in unity and support. If you or another 40 Days for Life participant is in need of prayer, please post here. If you are having difficulties posting, drop me a note and I will get it up right away.


2 thoughts on “Members

  1. Please pray for healing and strength for Christina, who had hoped to be at the vigil daily during this Lenten season. After showing up 15 days in a row, her body said “no.” She spent last week in the hospital and is now recovering at home. May she be filled with peace as she recovers.


    • Chris, your charity toward Christina is shared by many who witnessed her heartfelt compassion for the unborn and her willingness to sacrifice beyond her means for them. I am praying for dear Christina and hope that many other will be lifting her up as well.


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